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We’ve turned a bit Naruto (Shippuden) ~ Again


Oh yes we have: “We’ve turned a bit Naruto (Shippuden) ~ Again”

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As a family, we’ve watched many anime (cartoon) both film and TV series, but none that has quite captured and sustained our interest and emotions like Naruto. The manga (comic book) itself has been in print for over 10 years now, and it appears to be finally coming to an end (but very slowly). To sustain itself as a valid and valuable story throughout, as well as still air at prime time in Japan is a credit to its creator, Masashi Kishimoto. My wife and I have watched a fair few episodes, especially during my university days – when I was first introduced to it by a friend, who couldn’t believe I didn’t watch Japanese anime even though I had a Japanese wife. Haha! Hmmmm! However, the benefit of watching now, is that we can skip all the fillers that are not relevant to the actual storyline as followed in…

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My Project ~ By Kae

For my project I made a Information Book.

The things it talked about (in the book) was: Romans , Animals and The great fire of London.

This is a fact about PANDAS: panda cubs become independent at around 1 years old.

Roman fact: The Romans did not eat huge meals.

The great fire of London fact: The fire started at Pudding Lane.

I like the front and back cover of my information book.


Kae’s Little Dilemma

The dilemma for Kae at the moment is that she still very much loves athletics, except long distance running and cross country, which is understandable considering she is more adjusted to speed and jumping like her brother, Kaiyuki.

As she advances further into gymnastics she is beginning to realise the demand it has not only for her free time, but also for her commitment to develop further. Recent competitions have served to highlight how much more she needs to train, the competition out there against other girls, but also some of the frivolous practices that come with the package of gymnastics. For example: in a recent competition winners received a tiara, sash and a barbie doll – yes, a barbie doll – even though the competition was very tough and the judges as strict as when at national and regional competitions.

The dilemma is that she does seem stronger in athletics and there is a passion and desire to win that gleams on her face during athletic competitions. However, she loves gymnastics because it’s cool, fun, she has nice friends, and the girls get to style their hair with glitter and gel for competitions. If you look at her results on her profile page, they are mostly related to athletics, as are all her medals, trophies and certificates. At this age athletics doesn’t have a high demand on time and training on the body, so both our children can develop naturally and at a pace that suits them.

At present Kae’s gymnastics training is 8 hours and 30 minutes a week across 3 days. Plus she attends Sunday morning athletics sessions with her brother if she feels up to it. From September, her gymnastics training times are set to increase to 4 days a week (one of those either being on a Saturday or Sunday), which has made us all stand up and open our eyes a little bit wider.

We’re happy to support her in anything she does, whether that means changing to different interests altogether. The most important thing is that she is happy and having fun, so whether she decides to continue with gymnastics or switch back to athletics is entirely her choice and the Olympic Yume dream will still continue in full strength. Still, it’s a nice little dilemma to be good at something or another and have to choose between the two for now that is…

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