My Great-Nan’s Birthday ~ by Kaiyuki

I was my great-Nan`s  79th birthday, so my sister and I made her a Victorian sponge cake in the morning and the present we got for her was a cardigan, so she is ready for the winter. When we got to our great-grandparent’s house we talked for a bit and had a biscuit and had the cake and it was delicious! Our great-granddad also gave a cake to great-Nan as well. We also watched  a video of our great-grandparents swimming with the dolphins in America. After we watched the video we talked a bit more. Soon we got ready to go home. After we said goodbye to we went home! We had a fantastic time with our grandparents!

Harry Potter Studio Tour and my 10th Birthday ~ by Kaiyuki

On my birthday I got some Lego, a spy kit, spy glasses, spy guide book, a pocket size microscope and telescope, invisible message writer and developer and a Meccano Turbo remote control car and we watched a slideshow of all my pictures since I was born! I loved all my presents they were fantastic! After we got ready to go out and we went to ………..THE MAKINGS OF HARRY POTTER!

I was so surprised! I couldn’t wait to go inside! So we went inside and it was amazing! all the Harry potter people said Happy birthday and gave me a birthday badge! We collected the tickets and lined up to go inside when we got inside and we watched a little film. After we watched the film I got to open the door to the Great Hall because it was my birthday! then we went through the Great hall the hall when they have the dinner in the film. And then we saw Hagrid’s hut, the Weasleys house The Burrow, potion classroom, costumes, creatures,Hagrids motorbike,Weaslys car, the night bus, privet drive, Ministry of magic, boys Dormitory, Common room, Dumbledore`s office, Chamber of secrets Door, The griffin stairwell, Gringotts vault door, Quidditch stuff, Umbridge`Ministry of magic, Hogwarts Bridge, Diagon Alley and The HOGWARTS Castle Model!

We went back home got dinner and had my birthday  cake!  It was sooooo dilicous! watched Harry Potter and Prisoner of Azkaban and then I played with my presents end went to bed. This Birthday was the best birthday ever!

You can see a few photos on Facebook. Click here!


Autumn ~ By Kae

I love autumn, it is just wonderful.

It’s when all the leave’s fall, the colour’s can be: Red, Amber, Yellow Green, Sea Green, Turquoise, Royal Blue, Purple, Medium grey and so on.

You can use the leaves for art. I’ve made a hedgehog!!

Let’s get outside and kick some leaves, it’s so much fun!!! So don’ t just sit there……….. get out and have some fun!  



Taiyei ‘s Birthday ~By Kae

When it come’s to Birthday’s we really get excited !

Well Taiyei’s was excellent. It is on September,Friday,26th.

In the morning he opened his first present and it was a train! The colour of the train is: yellow, blue, red, black, grey, silver and orange and it came with brown tracks.

First he opened his cards and I wrote this: Happy birthday Taiyei ! I love you soooooo much ! you are the cutest boy in the whole entire world! Have a wonderful birthday!   From: Kae

Then he opened his second present……. it was a bunch of cars!

Afterwards Taiyei went to baby club.

Next we went in the car and went to the indoor play centre. I went on the climbing frame, go-kart, rock climbing, looking after Taiyei, and then we went home and opened his last present. It was a tricycle.

Finally we ate dinner and he blew his candles, ate the cake and ………….went to bed.





Club championships ~ by Kaiyuki

I went to Rugby to do a competition with my club and the events I did in the under 11 s  was: 75 meters, long jump, howler and 600 meters. I came joint first in 75 and came second in long jump and in howler I don’t  know and in 600 I came second and got a new personal best! They add the points from my three best events and see who is in the top three in the under 11 s. At the end they do the presentation and give out the top three athlete a medal, gold, silver, and bronze. They called me up and the other two and gave out the medal from third to first. They gave out the bronze and I thought that I was going to get silver but I didn’t I got GOLD! I was really happy! At the end I got a free hot dog and drink. I really enjoyed the club championships!