My Mummys Birthday ~by Kae

Before I went to sleep I was so exited I went On  April  22 nd it was my Mummy’s birthday.

My sheet and put My touch on and I thought  of  a plan and told it to kaiyuki, brother and I said,”Tomorrow  I am going to wake you up early you  can blow the balloon’s , Then I will put the table in front  of the sofa, After that you can spray the table and I will wipe the table, next  you can put the balloons were you think they should go  and I will put the cards and presents on the table.

And so it did happen and when Mummy put her dress  she gave  us a little turn.

We went to the sea Life London aquarium , and this time Taiyei, my baby brother wasn’t scared! 


Easter holiday~by kaiyuki

While my dad was in China, my mum my sister and my little brother we went to the RA museum  for a LEGO Easter trail! My friend came around for a sleepover and it was really fun! 

I went to a tennis club for four days and after the last day I went for a play day with my friend at a park. And in the park I did some tennis with my friend.



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We’ve turned a bit Naruto (Shippuden) ~ Again


Oh yes we have: “We’ve turned a bit Naruto (Shippuden) ~ Again”

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As a family, we’ve watched many anime (cartoon) both film and TV series, but none that has quite captured and sustained our interest and emotions like Naruto. The manga (comic book) itself has been in print for over 10 years now, and it appears to be finally coming to an end (but very slowly). To sustain itself as a valid and valuable story throughout, as well as still air at prime time in Japan is a credit to its creator, Masashi Kishimoto. My wife and I have watched a fair few episodes, especially during my university days – when I was first introduced to it by a friend, who couldn’t believe I didn’t watch Japanese anime even though I had a Japanese wife. Haha! Hmmmm! However, the benefit of watching now, is that we can skip all the fillers that are not relevant to the actual storyline as followed in…

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