Moving to Northamptonshire by Kaiyuki

We wanted to move house to the countryside in Northamptonshire so we looked at five different houses and they were really nice! We had to pick our favourite house and we did and I really liked it!  Few weeks later we went to Northampton to sign the contract for the house and as soon as we signed that contract, the house we picked belongs to us!  Few days later we started to pack up until we moved house and on the last day the moving van came to take our stuff and put it in the van and the van was really big and cool!  We did the same too, we put our stuff into our car! The van drove to our new house and we drove to our new house too! When we got to the new house we unpacked all our stuff and put it in the house then when the van went we started to put our stuff into the right room and sorted out all the stuffs.I was really happy to move house and have my own room and in our house we had a cool basement, a big garage and a nice garden!

Kaiyuki Crisp 







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Packing And Athletics ~ By KAE

Hello ! I am really exited about moving house – but first I have to start packing.

I‘m packing my bag right now. I am a bit sad because I am going to leave my friends – but I can make new friends.




On Tuesday , Friday and Sunday I go to athletics.

Yesterday (on Tuesday) I went to London Heathside.

For the warm up I ran around the track (1) , then I did  some stretches, next I did drills.

I did some long jump also. How to do  you do it? You run and jump making sure you don’t fall back.

I also did vortex, you can run and throw or stand and throw.





My grandparents by Kaiyuki Crisp

I went to my grandparents for one night and it was really fun. We got to watch three Disney films that were The jungle book, The lady and the tramp and Aladdin.We went to a little playground to play for a bit too. We all went for a walk and we found a secret path that led us to the countryside where the long weeds stood up tall. We walked through and in between the long weeds and then we walked back to my nanny and granddad’s house I really really really had a nice time!

Kaiyuki crisp